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Credit Suisse AES "Crossfinder +" Access

Lightspeed Trader has connectivity to Credit Suisse AES Crossfinder-Plus. Crossfinder+ is the Credit Suisse AES smart dark router that contains dynamic smart routing logic to direct your order to the destinations with the most liquidity in the name that you are trading. Crossfinder+ orders are never displayed out loud and Crossfinder+ can be used in 3 different modes:

  • CRSN - Normal mode, executions will be at the midpoint of the NBBO or better.

  • CRSP - Patient mode, executions will capture the full spread.

  • CRSA - Aggressive mode, executions will cross the spread.

To access this route you may request one or all of the 3 Crossfinder+ Order Types be added to your Order Entry Window to select from the Type dropdown, seen here:

Order Entry Example

This route can also be accessed by adding a new Custom “Route” in the Custom Orders Tab, with the acronyms CSFB in the Market field and CRSA, CRSN, or CRSP in the Contra fields, as seen below:

Order Entry Example

Once you have created the Routes you can map them to a Hotbutton or any Key via your Keyboard Tab.

For pricing refer to our online table.

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