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Trade the News is a financial newsfeed platform serving active traders and institutions with low-latency market-moving data, analytics, and breaking stories around-the-clock

Lightspeed’s partnership with Trade the News provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for professional traders seeking actionable news data..

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Real-time breaking news, market analysis, stock and futures coverage

Trade the News offers fully configurable feeds that can include full asset class coverage, equity coverage, global and domestic news headlines, an economic calendar, an event watcher, and a Form 13F filing radar. Data can be delivered via email alerts, web login, and real-time audio squawk service.

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Special pricing

Trade the News operates as a subscription service with five pricing tiers for different levels of service. Lightspeed users can access Trade the News market data at the discounted rate of US$120 per month for full-service subscriptions, 66% off the US$360 standard monthly rate.


Full-service subscriptions include the full suite of streaming services and provide traders access to Trade the News’ audio squawk headlines with the ability to ask the service’s analysts questions in a live chatbox.



Trade the News is just one of many information points and although helpful, other factors should be considered when trading.

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