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An introduction to the Lightspeed Trader platform

The Lightspeed Trader platform provides many active traders with the trading tools that they need to implement their trading strategy and styles. Have you been interested in the platform for quite some time, but had questions before jumping in? Are you an active trader that is looking for a reliable trading platform?

What this webinar will cover:

The Platform

• What is the difference in the Level 1 bundle vs. Level 2 data?

• Could you explain Level 2 indicators – margin percentage and short sale indicators?

• How do we set warnings and add or remove confirmations?

• How do you set default order entry size, route, and order types?

• How do you set up profit vs. stop loss targets through custom orders?

Pricing & Promotions

• What is the monthly software charge for the Lightspeed Trader platform?

• Are the scanners included in the monthly fee?

• How do software fees work with the 10K Promo?

• How does fees per trade vs. per share work?

• Can you review the routing fees and rebates?

• How does margin interest work for overnight positions? Does it apply to intraday trading?

Account Opening

• How long does it take to open an individual account?

• Are there IRA and or SEP account options?

• Are limited margin IRA account types available? What does that entail?

• What documents are needed for a corporate/LLC account? What are the differences in costs or services provided?

• How is tax handled for international non U.S. customers?

• Is it possible to transfer funds from my current broker to Lightspeed?

• Where do you send an ACH verification form?

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